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Mathematical Services for Business, Medical, IT, Government, and Research professionals who need proper mathematical notation to appear in publishable papers, books, and reports.

About the Founder


Roger Smith, PhD, is an expert in mathematics, computer programming, modeling, and simulation development. He has spent over 20 years creating leading edge simulators in Healthcare and the Department of Defense. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer for the Florida Hospital Nicholson Center where he is responsible for establishing the technology strategy and leading research in surgical robotics. He was previously the CTO for all U.S. Army Simulation, Training and Instrumentation; VP and CTO at Titan Corp; and Vice President of Technology at BTG Inc. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science, a Doctorate in Management, and an M.S. in Statistics. He has published 3 professional textbooks on simulation, 11 book chapters, and over 100 journal and conference papers. His most recent book is Innovation for Innovators: Leadership in a Changing World. He has served on the editorial boards of Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation and Research Technology Management.

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  • What we do:

Extract mathematical functions and concepts from spreadsheets, flow charts, and documents. Convert these into proper scientific and mathematical notation. Provide a format that can be inserted into publishable documents.

  • Clients:

Medical Doctors, Business Analysts, IT Architects, Military & Government Engineers, Non-Mathematic Scientists and Researchers.

  • Qualifications:

BS Mathematics, MS Statistics, PhD Computer Science, MBA.

  • Confidential:

All materials confidential. Certified data deletion at end of project.


  1. Contact us with summary of your needs.
  2. Discuss schedule and pricing estimates.
  3. Submit all or partial problem.
  4. Contract and firm price quote.
  5. Equation Extraction and Conversion.
  6. Iterate until complete customer satisfaction.
  7. Final Delivery and Final Payment.
  8. All Documents deleted from MathEqs computers.

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